Paper Hearts..Easy craft or cards for Valentines


Hello everyone. Hope 2018 is going great for you. The workout month is finally over and we are officially into the month of chocolates and all things love. If you are still in the “Loose my weight” mode but want to indulge this valentines day, try this Eggless Chocolate Pudding cake. It has no butter or cream and only 2 tbsp. of oil. Now this is something you can truly say I Love you to.



When I was back in India, valentines was only a celebrations for couples. I love how in USA here its all about celebrating love for all relations – friends, family đŸ™‚

This year on valentines day we made these beautiful paper hearts for my daughter’s school..and everyone loved them. If you are looking for an easy valentines craft for kids, or may be a snow day activity (yeah its still snowing in my part of the world), check out how to make these adorable hearts.

Video – How to make Paper Hearts


So that’s it for now. Go ahead make someone smile now by sharing some Paper Love.

Happy Valentines Day.


Ritu. đŸ™‚


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  1. Cheryl Waldman says:

    Thanks for sharing all you do. I will try making them. Have a wonderful valentine’s day

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    1. We missed doing this with you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.


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