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Kesar Pista Kulfi..An Indian Ice cream flavored with saffron and pistachios


Summer is currently at its full swing in India and I have been flooded with kulfi pictures all over my social media stream. However, where we live, even though summer is still a few weeks away, I gave in the temptation to make some delicious kulfi this week. One bite and I was transported back in time. It brought back fond memories of how I loved eating Kulfi back home in India. Running outside at the first voice of the Kulfi walas (Vendors) to enjoy this delicacy. Kulfi is different than regular ice cream as its more creamier and denser. Its often served with some falooda and garnished with nuts.

We get all kinds of ice cream here in USA, but nothing compares to the joy of having a fresh kulfi right out of the Matka (Earthen pot). I am so glad I made this because it turned out delicious. 😛


Here is how I made it.


Evaporated Milk – 1 can, 12 Oz (See Notes)

Sweetened Condensed Milk – 1 can, 14 Oz

Heavy Cream – 2 cups, chilled

Milk Powder – 1 cup

Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp

Crushed Saffron strings – 1/2 tsp

Finely Chopped Pistachios – 1/2 cup (use your choice of mixed nuts)


  1. Warm the evaporated milk for 30 seconds in your microwave and soak the crushed saffron to release color. Leave it for about 10 minutes.
  2. Take out the chilled cream from the fridge and whisk it well till swift peaks appear. Make sure not to over mix as it will form butter.
  3. Now its time to mix all the ingredients – evaporated milk, milk powder, condensed milk, whipped cream, cardamom powder and chopped nuts.
  4. Cool this mixture in fridge for at least an hour before putting it in your freezer. This step is very important to prevent ice crystals in your kulfi. The ice crystals form when it takes longer time to set the kulfi. Cooling your mix in the fridge speeds up the process and thus prevents ice crystals.
  5. Pour this mix in your kulfi or popsicle moulds or you can also set this in an air tight container.
  6. Leave it to set for about 6 – 8 hours, or preferably overnight.
  7. To unmold it, dip your kulfi moulds in warm water for about 50 seconds and the kulfi will slide right through.
  8. Garnish it with some saffron strings or chopped pistachios, if you like it and enjoy this Indian delight.



  • If you cannot find evaporated milk, use 1 liter of whole milk for this recipe. Bring it to a boil, and let it cook till it is reduced to less than half. Soak your saffron strings, let it cool and use as in the recipe.
  • Just in case you end up with ice crystals in your kulfi, blend the whole mixture in a blender and set it to freeze again. That should take care of the ice crystals.


You can also enjoy this kufi with some falooda, sabja seeds and rose / mango syrup. Its as good as a trip to the heaven.


So here is how I made my Kulfi and relished those wonderful days back home. Why don’t you try it too and let me know if you like it.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope to see you again soon.


Ritu.  🙂